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ETA™ phenolic Foam Thermal Insulation Pipes is made by phenolic foam materials, by mould or cutting from big foam blocks. It has excellent heat preservation effect and trimmed appearance. It is one of the best substitutes for rubber-foam, fiberglass and polyurethane foam.

ETA™ Advance Ducting System

Product Advantages

ETA™ Pipe insulation material

These products are widely used in the thermal insulation of cold and heat water pipes, petroleum and chemical engineering ducts etc.These products are, light weight, low price, convenient and non-polluting. and new generation environmental friendly product


  • Density: 50kg/m3

  • Thermal conductivity: 0.02W/mK

  • Oxygen index: 48%

  • Combustibility property: non-combustible class "O"

  • Volume water absorption: 1.9% (v/v)

  • Penetration humidity: 2.3ng/Pa.mS

  • Compressing strength: 0.56MPa

  • Compressing shift: 1.2%

  • Size stability: 0.36%

  • Work temperature: -250 to 150°C

  • Foam acid and alkali: pH=7 (neutral)


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