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Excellent physical strength

The unique sandwich structure of ETA™ phenolic duct panel makes our duct  very rigid and allows for higher operating pressure. Our ducts hold their shape for longer period and requires fewer supporting units.

ETA™ Advance Ducting System

Product Advantages

ETA™ Pipe insulation material

Fire and flame resistant

ETA™ Air Duct Systems are resistant to flame spread from external or internal fire sources, and meet all applicable fire safety standards for use in residential and commercial buildings. ETA™ Air Duct Boards has classified as Class O material in terms of flammability, smoke intensity, and smoke toxicity.

Quiet noiseless operation

ETA™  Air Duct System has outstanding noise absorbing characteristics and acoustical properties. This design decreases the audibility of equipment noise, and eliminates the sounds associated with the expansion and contraction of sheet metal systems.

Efficient insulation

ETA™ Air Duct Board is manufactured from high quality phenolic foam, the thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.022W/m.K, which out performs any traditional insulation materials of the same thickness. The thermal performance inherent to the ETA™  Duct delivers warmed or cooled air at the desired temperatures, ensures minimal energy loss, and reduces condensation problems.

Cost effective

ETA™ Air Duct Board System weighs about 1/3 of lined sheet metal duct systems, which significantly reduces the total load of any construction,  especially in steel-structured buildings. The light weight requires fewer supporting structures, reducing any building’s overall weight and costs. Installation becomes easier and quicker due to the less weight .

Low air Leakage  

Air leakage from ETA™ Air Duct System is extraordinarily low because of its exceptional air seal flanging system.

Basic technical data:

Item Units Test methods or standards Results


Q/TEMU01-1999 50~70
Fire test   GB8624-1997 B1
Smoke density % GB8627-88 12%(MSD)/6.6(SDR)
Oxygen Index % GB/T2406-93 66
Conductivity W/mk GB/10249 0.0257
Compressive strength Mpa GB8813-88 0.22
Dimensional stability % GB8811 1.17
Water absorption %(v/v) GB8810-88 7.0



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