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The advance ETA™ phenolic foam pre insulated ducting panel is a high strength panel, in which phenolic foam is the core material, with aluminium foil reinforced on both sides. It is a non-combustible material, which has no smoke, if it catches fire. It has a bending strength of more than 1Mpa and has a thermal conductivity index of 0.020W/mk.

ETA™ Advance Ducting System

Product Advantages

ETA™ Pipe insulation material

The ETA™ phenolic foam ducting panel can be fabricated into any kind of shape and size rectangular ducts, bends, reducer etc. by cutting ,notching and adhesive glueing, and can be assembled into HVAC ducts with various specifications using a combustion resistant flange jointing system.

It is widely used for air conveyance systems of central air conditioning units in Luxury hotels, Villas, apartments, shopping Malls, hospitals, office buildings and other high-rise buildings.

Our other products include:

  • ETA™ phenolic foam pre-insulated / insulation ducting panels with aluminum
    foils (used for air ducting conveyance system)

  • ETA™ phenolic foam pre-insulated panels with colored steel or zinc-coated steel (used for industries, Malls etc where there is no false ceiling)

  • ETA™ phenolic foam pre-insulated pipe sections and pipe supports with aluminum foils (used for hot water/ refrigerated water in central a/c plant, chemical and fertilizer plant etc.)

Duct system including:

  • Duct panels

  • Accessories for ducts

  • Special adhesive for flanges and panels

  • Special tools for ducts installation 

  • Training and service for ducts' installation 

  • Datasheet of tech & safety for duct manufacture


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